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Friday, October 28, 2011

Riga fashion mood: very belated post

Two weeks ago in Riga was 'Riga fashion mood'. I did not write about it very long because I had a problem with my camera, so I could not put the photos. I warn you, this is not all pictures from 'Riga fashion mood', because my camera broke in the middle of the event (you can see the whole picture report on But then, enjoy the photos that I was able to shoot on this beautiful event.

Colorlicious was the first brand what show us the collection. This was collection for the children's, it makes me smile. The collection was very nice, I fell in love with these floral dresses with white collars for girls and jackets for boys. Only thing what I really don't like, is that children was going barefoot. I think that it is not very good.

The second collection was from Davids. I'm not a fan
of it, clothes was too simple. My favourite was only one dress, what was looked like shirt, I think this was more interesting model of the collection.
Shoes from Madam Bonbon:

Here was Agnesiga with her magic golden apple from :


  1. Aw, the kids show looks adorable! xx

  2. Oh those dresses look so fun and adorable. The little girls dresses are so cute too!

  3. The kids are absolutely adorable! And I totally want a copy of that golden apple.

    x Sophia