Reflexion of fashion

Friday, November 4, 2011

RFW - Liga Banga: Bit of art

Start of collection was reminded me about Alexander McQueen, but then models was coming to runway, I forget about this. This collection was not that I was ever seen , this dresses, shoes, make up, hairstyles and bags was amazing! Shoes was done with Latvian designer Eliza Kersone, this shoes are part of her painting, and they are gorgeous! About dresses, I like this romantic mood that do light material and this black stripes what do this dresses more strict. And I love colours, my favourite dress is red. Now I'm thinking about dress for Prom, and I think that dresses from Liga Banga are perfect to this event (this is only my opinion).



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  2. cool! looks like an awesome show


  3. LOVE those wedges

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