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Friday, October 23, 2015

The perfect pair of …

Tights! Yeah! Are you still wondering, where you can buy an ideal pair of tights? A brand new tights brand Heist can help you to solve this problem! 
Heist tights came out of an idea of how to create the perfect tights, when a damsel in distress, the beautiful film producer Julia Godzinskaya, couldn't find a pair to replace her laddered ones while on a trip on Vienna. A year later, she was married to Heist co–founder Edzard van der Wyck, and the perfect pair of tights was born. It comes in black only, sheer or matte, it has no seams, can be high or low wasted and the waistbands are hand–sewn onto the tights. The thread count 5x more than any other tights out there.

Starting from today you have the opportunity to buy them online on Heist website! The price for one pair is £19, but you can get a £5 voucher using HeistLovesReflexion

Don't lose your ability to get the perfect pair of tights! 
Have a good shopping! 

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